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Service Matters: Reopening Sterilization and Disinfecting Recommendations

Whether you own a business or run a school, reopening America requires all of us to move forward together to reduce our risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. As many offices and businesses prepare to return to work, it will be more important than ever to make sure your Back-to-Work Plan includes […]

Service Matters: Building Operations Recommendations During COVID-19 Pandemic

Speer Mechanical is committed to continuing to provide the best service for our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 is a highly infectious respiratory disease which includes symptoms such as cough, fever, tiredness, and in severe cases, difficulty breathing. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), “COVID-19 primarily spreads through droplets or particles of saliva […]

Service Matters: Speer Mechanical Response to Coronavirus

I am sure many of you have been following the news regarding the Coronavirus and its spread to the US. In response to this, please read the attached Speer Industries office policy on Coronavirus. Also attached is information from the CDC. What impact the Coronavirus may have on our field operations is under discussion. However, […]

Solving the Conundrum of Open Protocols in Building Automation Control Systems

Even with widely available product flexibility for today’s building automation control systems, building owners and facility directors can struggle with the complexity in communications between automation control systems. Effective building automation requires complex communication between all kinds of different building systems—lights, mechanical equipment, security systems—the list seemingly goes on and on. Historically, proprietary control systems […]