• Client: The Ohio State University
  • Owner: The Ohio State University
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Engineer: Heapy Engineering
  • Architect: Acock Associates Architects
  • Mechanical Value: $5,520,500.00
  • Project Type: Institutional
  • Project Description: Demolition and renovation of Sullivant Hall.
  • Project Highlights: Speer Mechanical performed major HVAC renovation and replacement for Sullivant Hall, with approximately 95% of the project comprising demolition for replacement. The $5.5 million project included rebuilds on three, existing air handlers and reconditioning of two, existing chillers. Speer Mechanical installed two, new, custom air handlers for the classrooms and art storage spaces of the building, and steam, steam condensate, heating hot water, chilled-water and condenser-water systems throughout the building.Due to the age and building configuration (four separate buildings were erected and joined together over 60 years), coordination of installed ductwork, piping systems and penetrations through existing walls, posed unique challenges. Eight-thousand (8,000) feet of pipe was installed.

    The project was a first for the university to recognize the benefits and consent of the use of Kingspan KoolDuct (phenolic board encapsulated with reinforced foil-facing on both sides) throughout project applications, including the roof.