• Client: The Ohio State University
  • Owner: The Ohio State University
  • Location: Columbus, OH
  • Engineer: Speer Mechanical
  • Mechanical Value: $1,406,842.00
  • Project Type: Institutional – Design-Build
  • Project Description: Replacement of existing chiller, cooling tower and chilled water pumps on the 13th and 14th floors of the Taylor Tower dormitory building at OSU.
  • Project Highlights: As engineer of record for this design-assist project, Speer Mechanical first performed a 3D scan of the existing mechanical room to create a drawing, serving as the basis for the installation and as a preview for the building owner to see exactly how the new installation would look. Speer Mechanical performed all of the commissioning and all of the balance and temperature control for the installation, while a third-party engineer, hired by Speer Mechanical, assisted with the installation and performed the third-party commissioning inspection.Prior to installation, Speer Mechanical demolished the existing piping and equipment. The new cooling tower was shipped in pieces and assembled in place. Cranes were used to lift the cooling tower, chiller and all associated piping. The chiller was carefully rigged, and an existing louvered opening in the side of the building was used to fit the chiller into the mechanical room. The existing cooling tower roof opening was used to fit the new cooling tower into the building.

    The project was completed on-time, despite both a 10-day delay to the project start date and a 10-day delay due to late delivery of the owner-approved chiller.